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January 2015 - Delta Gear Places new Studer S145

The S145 CNC universal cylindrical grinding machine expands Delta Gear's wide area of grinding applications and is suitable for tight tolerance aerospace jobs - especially for diameters, faces, internal and external diameters. Since Delta Gear is involved in the production of prototypes and small runs for the aerospace industry, Studer has supported their growth as they expand their World-Class organization in precision grinding of gears and shafts. For more information, please contact Delta Gear for more information on Delta Gear.


Of the 407 shop survey submissions, Delta Research was awarded Modern Machine Shop Magazine's Top Shop Award. The award was based on a number of criteria including the following:

Industries and Customers Served – Serving more than one industry and supporting multiple customers makes for a more competitive company in the long run.

Top Shops Top Shops

1)Machining Technology – Top shops are more likely to use advanced machining equipment than other shops.

2)Shop-floor Practices – Top shops not only setup jobs in nearly half the time of their competitors but they also measure their costs for every step of a job through shop floor costing / enterprise resource planning software.

3)Business Strategies – Knowing where you've been and where you're going are two very different things. Beyond tracking your costs and knowing your customers, understanding your company's strengths and weaknesses as well as seeing the vision for your company and sharing that vision with your employees is what differentiates the average company and a company that is a Top Shop.

4)Human Resources – Top Shops typically pay their employees a little bit more than the industry average. Key employees are incentivized even more.

5)Receiving the award the Modern Machine Shop's Top Shop Award were Delta Research's Bob Sakuta and Tony Werschky who received the award at the 2014 International Machine Tool Show in Chicago, Illinois.

See the Modern Machine Shop's Executive Summary for Top Shops of 2014 for more information

Delta Gear, Inc. makes the finest gears in the world. We are an AS9100:2009, ISO 9001:2008 Rev. C, NADCAP Non-Destructive and Chemical Processing certified facility which allows our customers the piece of mind that their project is being managed with complete control.

Delta Gear manufactures: precision gears, shafts, splines, collets, gages, master gears & other geared components, gearbox assemblies and contract inspection.

Currently we provide Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI), Nital Etch, and Hydrogen Embrittlement.

Delta Gear in the September 2012 issue of Gear Solutions:

  • January 2010
    Delta Gear is proud to announce the opening of our brand new facility at 36251 Schoolcraft Rd in Livonia, Michigan. This 72,000 square foot facility is a state-of-the-art gear facility offering leading edge technology in gear and shaft manufacturing practices for the aerospace gear industry. Capacity is available so contact Tony Werschky at 734-525-8000 for more information.

  • January 10, 2012
    Delta Research is proud to announce the delivery of our new Reishauer RZ260 Precision Gear Grinder. The machine grinds up to 260mm and is flexible in that it performs both generative and form grinding. The twin-turret work spindle allows for greater throughput, on-board inspection, on-line dressing and the whole machine is self contained to avoid the release of oil and oil mist.

    The Reishauer machines has open capacity and is ready and waiting to grind your gears. For more information, contact Tony Werschky at 734-261-6400.

  • October 13, 2012
    Delta Research is proud to announce the delivery of our new Koepfer 300 Precision CNC Gear Hobber. This hobber delivers high-accuracy hobbing up to 300 mm. It can be run manually and it also has a built-in gantry loading for higher volume jobs making it perfect for small volume or high volume jobs. Delta Research plans on partnering this machine with our new Reishauer 260. The Reishauer 260 is arguably the fastest CNC gear grinder on the market. Delta plans on using these machines for low-to-mid-volume production jobs for industrial and defense customers.

    These machines have open capacity and are ready and waiting to make your gears. For more information, contact Tony Werschky at 734-261-6400.

  • October 19, 2012:
    Delta Gear is proud to announce the delivery of our new Niles ZE 800 Gear Grinder.  This machine expands our company gear grinding capabilities up to 800mm (31.4inches).  This includes both external and internal grinding of spur and helical gears.  Although this machine was purchased for the aerospace industry, Delta expects this machine to come in handy for the defense industries as well.

    For more information on this machine or how Delta Gear can help you with your gear needs, call Tony at 734-525-8000.